Halo Infinite Multiplayer Reveal SOON!? SPRING Release? Series X OUTSELLING PS5? – Coffee Catch Up

Something is going on! Something is COMING! LOTS of activity in Halo e Sports

Other pros and orgs announcing moves, what is going on?

343 Tashi “Halo Esports Lead at Microsoft/343 Industries” responds to announcement 


“In the past 72 hours both Sentinels and now Cloud9 have finalized Halo rosters, and I do not know why.”

KILLER circumstantial evidence from Cloud 9 founder and CEO

“We’ve been keeping this under wraps for way too long. Excited to finally make this announcement!”

Keeping it under wraps = they could have continued to keep it “under wraps” and they delayed this announcement after Halo Infinite was delayed, but now…they are announcing!

Something is coming, could be; 1.) multiplayer reveal with pro players 2.) Infinite not far off from launch, 3.) some big Halo eSports announcement, or any combination of these 3

Also could be nothing lol but seems highly unlikely it’s nothing, too much activity

MORE TOYS but they look coincidentally Halloweeny and people love em


Uhhh Xbox Executive provides strong evidence Xbox Series S/X outselling PS5?

All of our retailers digitally told us that we broke every record for like, everything, within seconds,” Greenberg said during part of the Game Pink Live stream, an event which raised money for the National Breast Cancer Foundation in an effort to aid women and families affected by breast cancer and raised over $30,000. “And many of them struggled just to keep their websites up. Like, of any pre-order they’ve ever done for any product.”

Greenberg went on to compare the pre-order sellout timeframe with the launch of previous console, the Xbox One. “And I remember the Xbox One launch and I think it was close to a week before the pre-orders were gone, and now they’re gone in seconds. So, it’s fun! We’re going to work hard to make as many as we can in the meantime.”

Xbox Series X preorders shattered records ‘within seconds,’ says Xbox exec

Sean W Community Creations

Pilot 11A “Decided to try out some Halo edits, used MIX and Photoshop for this one. Enjoy!”

A_P3r50n “Some SFM images I made”

Hardcore Halo “This is something I drew back in Halloween of 2018.”



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